About Me

My paleo story is somewhat unique in that I don’t have any grave personal health crisis that prompted a change in the way I eat. I was always in good shape in high school and college. I never had huge problems with my skin beyond the normal stuff most kids deal with. I never suffered serious intestinal distress or thyroid issues.  I did notice from an early age that eating a bunch of pasta or sugar left me feeling bloated and lethargic, but it was never so bad that it would have prompted me to seek out diet solutions. For me, the catalyst for my paleo enlightenment was intellectual rather than physical.


Boatwright Memorial Library. Where my Paleo journey began.

I was always a skeptic from an early age. James Randi and Penn and Teller were personal heroes. I used to drive my parents crazy with my constant questions and unwillingness to take things on face value. But having a skeptical mind set the foundation for my later interest in science.

the zone book


It was as a freshman biology major at the University of Richmond that I took the first steps down the path that eventually led me to the world of ancestral health. I was perusing the periodical stacks for some class assignment when an
article about a new diet called “The Zone” caught my eye. Nutritional epidemiology always struck me as a field that merited intense scrutiny and Dr. Sear’s critique of mainstream nutritional science really resonated with me and sparked a life long interest in nutrition and the search for the optimal diet. This blog is about my journey through The Zone, Atkins, Weston Price, The South Beach Diet, The Paleo Diet, The Primal Blueprint, and the The Perfect Health diet and what I think each diet gets right and where they are wrong.

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