Anchor Butter Review

Anchor Butter

One of the harder struggles for a lot of Paleo folks in America is finding a good source of grass fed butter. Kerry Gold is the most ubiquitous brand, but as Paleo awareness increases, it seems as though other options are becoming more available. Smjör is available at Whole Foods in most regions of the my country, but sadly, not the Southeast. In Miami Beach, my options had been pretty much confined to Kerry Gold too until last month when The Fresh Market (a North Carolina based Whole Foods competitor with stores concentrated in the Southeast United Sates) started stocking Anchor Butter.

Anchor Butter is produced in New Zealand by dairy co-op Fonterra. Anchor is not organic, but New Zealand law prevents the use of growth hormones and the milk comes from cows that are pastured 365 days of the year. The cows Kerry Gold uses are out at pasture an excellent but slightly less 90% of the year.

The price point for Anchor butter is excellent. It sells for $2.99 per eight ounce block at The Fresh Market. The major difference between Anchor Butter and Kerry Gold is that unlike most butters, Anchor does not use cultured milk for their unsalted version. This gives Anchor a slightly blander taste. Still very good, but I prefer the taste of Kerry Gold and its cultured buttery bite a bit better. Overall I find Anchor to be a good, but not great tasting butter that has a fantastic nutritional profile and is the cheapest grass fed butter available in my market.

Special Note for People in the UK:  The local licensee of Anchor Butter in the UK has started producing their own butter under the Anchor Label. This version of Anchor Butter is produced in the UK and is not from grass fed cows. Real Anchor Butter proudly touts its New Zealand origins on the front label.

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