Butter Beware: Shannon Gold

Shannon Gold Butter Beware

One of the nice things about living in a (semi) market economy is that as the Paleo lifestyle increases in popularity, producers respond by selling more and more paleo products to capture our hard earned dollars. Many of these (such as Epic Bison Bars) are delicious, high quality products that try to win our money the right way. But along with the good comes the bad and we always have to be on the lookout for unscrupulous vendors trying to pawn off crap under a “paleo” marketing banner.

Case in point- the other day I noticed a brand new butter product at my local Harris Teeter. Sold in Kerry Gold colored packaging and with the similar sounding “Shannon Gold” brand name, it promises “Irish Style” butter. What does “Irish Style” butter mean? If you guessed that it means they get their milk from cow that graze in lush pastures on small family farms, guess again. No, when Shannon Gold says “Irish Style” butter, what they mean is butter that has been adulterated with the coloring agent beta carotene so that it looks like butter that was made from cows that grazed in pastures on small family farms.

Shannon Gold is nothing but conventional store butter with a food coloring additive to make it “look” like healthy butter. Their entire market strategy, from their name, to the packaging, to the fact they get stores to place their product directly alongside Kerry Gold, is based on deception. And to add insult to injury, they actually charge a premium for their attempted fraud, as their butter costs considerably more per pound than their conventional counterparts.

Could they make it anymore obvious?

Could they make it anymore obvious?

So please don’t make the mistake of buying this sham butter and spread the word so that none of your friends do either.

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