Cole’s Petite Sardines Review

Coles' Petite SardinesColes’ Fine Foods is headquartered out of Bristol, Rhode Island. They are an environmentally focused company that specializes in sustainably caught canned seafood. Coles’ products aren’t widely sold in mainstream US Supermarkets, but they are stocked in The Fresh Market along the Southeast US and that is where I found a box of their Petite Sardines to try out.

Coles2The first thing you notice about Cole’s Petite Sardines is that it isn’t just the fish that are tiny. The tin too is smaller than usually clocking in at just 2 oz. The actual fish inside are roughly the same size as the sardines used in King Oscar’s Double Layer, though they are a different species (Cole uses baby Sardina pilchardus from Portugal while King Oscar uses Sprattus sprattus from the North Sea). Cole’s Petite are soft, with a good fish aroma and a seemingly nice quality olive oil. The skin has a beautiful light gold coloring with  a hint of saltiness to it. The thing that most stands out about the taste, though, is the richness. Probably the richest Sardine I’ve tasted to date. I really liked these Sardines. The only drawback is price. At $2.99 for the skimpy 2 oz. tin, these Sardines are considerably more expensive than average. Cans are BPA free according to their Facebook site, but not advertised on their packaging or even on their main website.

Cole's Petite Sardines

Cole's Petite Sardines

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